My second book, Messenger of the Dark Prophet is on Amazon

Messenger of the Dark Prophet

I went and did it.

The original plan was to put out book one and generate enough interest to get a major publisher to pick up the rest of the series.

We put it out there on May 14 and Eye of the Moonrat‘s sales were going okay. Interest was picking up steam. We were getting great reviews, but the response from everyone was, “Great! Now where is book Two.”  The readers were losing their patience, people were throwing rocks through my windows. The cops had to drag a lady away that kept pounding on my door wanting to know what was going to happen to Fist. Even putting the first book out in print edition didn’t help.

Truth is, the first two books really go together. When I first wrote them, it was one very long volume. When I realized that it was too big for a first time writer to get a publisher’s notice, (after years of trying) I had split it in two. Together, they form the first story arc of the series. The other three take us to the end of what the first two start.

So here we are. Book two is up. Maybe this will stop the personal attacks until readers realize that they still have to wait for book two? Please?

By the way, the cover is stunning, isn’t it? I met the artist, Sarah Alderete, at a fiber arts fair that my wife dragged me to. Her work was so good I had to commission the cover.  Then I agonized over the rest of the design for a few days before coming up with the lettering and layout on my own. I am quite proud of the finished product.

Here is a short synopsis. There are minor book one spoilers so before you go there, you might want to go HERE first and read that book. You have been warned.

“Justan’s dream of entering the Dremaldrian Battle Academy has been put on hold. His burgeoning magic powers have been deemed too dangerous to go untrained and he has been sentenced to two years at the Mage School. How is he supposed to fit in amongst the mages and wizards, a physically weak group of people he has never identified with? Can he learn how to control his new powers without losing his identity as a warrior? Can he stick to his plans while the mother of the moonrats tries to destroy the school from within?

Fist, the ogre who was estranged from his own people, has now found a home next to a friendly human settlement while Deathclaw, the raptoid who was changed into humanoid form, has left his homeland in search of his destiny. They escaped the wizard Ewzad Vriil’s grasp before, but his secret army grows as does his influence in the kingdom. What will they do upon coming face-to-face with The Messenger of the Dark Prophet once again?

Messenger of the Dark Prophet is the second book in The Bowl of Souls Series”

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