Bowl of Souls Book 10 Title Reveal and September Update!

Howdy folks!

I’ve got several updates to give you, but first an announcement. In the past I have known quite a while in advance what the title of the next book in the Bowl of Souls series is going to be. This time I wasn’t quite sure. I took suggestions from readers and discussed it endlessly with my wife/editor and nothing felt quite right. Finally, while discussing the cover art with the fabulous Renu Sharma, it came to me.

The title of the new book will be, Priestess of War.

Priestess of War is Book Five of the Jharro Grove Saga (There will be one more book in the saga after this one.) and book ten of the Bowl of Souls Series overall. It continues where the Troll King left off. It will deal with Justan and the aftermath in Malaroo, but the main focus deals with Fist’s part of the storyline. The evil in the mountains has grown and, as we found out, a new villain has arrived to take control of the situation. She is the titular character.

More news:

As I mentioned, I have been working with Renu on the cover for the book which I hope to reveal in the next few weeks.

Following the cover reveal, I will begin posting sample chapters of the book, much like I have in the past.

On the audiobook front, Andrew Tell is beginning narration work on Noose Jumpers. We hope to have that book completed and available in October. (Please, if you haven’t picked up the kindle version, do so! This book needs your support!”

The audio version of Priestess of War will be next in the works.. Andrew will start it as soon as he can once I have the book finished.

In other news, The Noose Jumpers short film has been entered into several film festivals. It has been accepted into two of them so far. It will be shown at the Wild Bunch Film Festival in Harrah Oklahoma on September 24th. Link here. I will be there with the director and will be available to sign books after the screening. I will have some copies of Noose Jumpers with me. If you want a sneak peek at the film, see it here. . The version shown at the film festival will be a longer cut with more of a Sergio Leoneish feel.

Finally, I am still running the free audiobook promotion. If you have not yet received a free copy of a Bowl of Souls audiobook, post a comment here or send me a message on my Contact Page or my Facebook Page.  Only one per family and it must be books 1-7 or Hilt’s Pride. (Also the free codes only work on They can’t be used on AudibleUK or AudibleDE.)

Thanks everyone for your support!




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