Book three of The Bowl of Souls coming soon!!

Folks, the following is an update post. This may be totally uninteresting to those who haven’t bought my first two books. You may start reading this and stop part way through and think, “Why should I care? Who does this guy think he is, anyway? Seriously, who is this guy . . . ? Wait, why am I on this page? Why is my computer on? When did I get a computer . . . ? WHO AM I??”

If you have not read my books yet, go here:

Book One: Eye of the Moonrat

Book Two: Messenger of the Dark Prophet

When I last posted, things were just getting moving. Messenger of the Dark Prophet had just been put out on Kindle and the two books were just selling a couple a day. Then things started picking up. Somehow the word was spreading. They started selling ten a day, then twenty. So far in the month of August, book one has sold over 1200 copies and book two almost 900. In short, we have a minor success here.

I say minor success, but really it is quite thrilling for me to think about it. This story that has been churning through my mind all these years and these characters that I love are out there in the hands of hundreds of people I have never met. I am getting reviews from people all over the country and downloads from all over the world. Thank you everyone that has been reading and telling their friends. It means a lot.

Then the next hurdle came. What do I do with book three? I struggled with what to do about the third book for a while. With how well the first two have been selling I considered going back to the old grind of sending out submissions and waiting for agents and publishers to respond.  I dreaded it because of the three to four month wait time before receiving answers. My book is done now! I want people to be able to read it!

Then I received some good advice with from some established authors. They said that publishers wouldn’t blink until I had at least 10,000 sales of my books and suggested I go ahead and put the third book out there and wait until the books were at the top of the charts before submitting again. Ten thousand is a big number. It makes my brain hurt to think of it considering that a few short months ago I was struggling getting my own friends to read it. Here’s hoping the books get there.

In the meantime, book three of The Bowl of Souls will be out on Kindle in a couple weeks.

Book three’s title is still in limbo. For a while I was going to call it “Coal’s Keep” and the title is appropriate, but it doesn’t have the umph I want. So I will be announcing that soon.

I am doing the final edit pass of the third book right now. Once my editor/amazing wife reads through it and gives the thumbs up, the writing process will be done. I have an artist working on the cover now and hopefully that works out and we will be on track for an early September release.

Then I get to start writing on book four. I was over half way done with the third book when we started this thing back in May, so things have been moving pretty quickly, but here’s where it may start to slow down. I am working a full time job and taking care of a wife and four kids so my writing time is short and precious. I don’t know how long it will take me to finish the next book with two to three hours a night to do it in.

So keep checking back for updates here and on the Facebook Page where I update more often. Also, follow me on Twitter and please, spread the word! If you like these books and want to read more, tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Heck, tell your frenemies! The sooner I can do this full time, the sooner I can get the next two books in your hands!

One final note: When I put book three out, the price for Eye of the Moonrat will be going up from 99 cents to $2.99. So jump on board, son! (or daughter) If’s you don’t get ’em while they’re hot, it’ll cost you two bucks more. That’s gall-durn bank breakin’ money, folks.

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