Behemoth Mini Preview #2 and Local Interview

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A few news items. I had an interview in the local paper this past Sunday. It was to promote a speech and Q&A I am giving in Tullahoma next week. Here is a link to the article for those of you interested in what I had to say:

They included a full body photo of me. I would have been happy with a head shot.

Also, Renu and I are working on the cover to Behemoth. I am hoping to share that in the next couple weeks.

In the meantime, here is the Behemoth Mini Preview #2

Mini-previews are short clips of scenes from the book, kind of like the glimpses of scenes you see in movie trailers. Each one will only be a few paragraphs long, but will give you a taste of what is to come. I try to pick these scenes in such a way that they do not spoil major plot points, however: Warning, possible spoilers ahead for those of you who haven’t read Troll King or Priestess of War.

“I think this is a terrible idea,” Beehn was saying as Fist arrived. The air wizard looked as healthy as Fist had ever seen him. The sparkling golden robes Beehn wore were quite baggy on his recently diminished frame.

“You just want me there to lift heavy things for you,” Charz accused.

Beehn huffed. “I may be new to this bonded family, but Alfred has shared his memories of your past with me. I know how you used to be and the flavor of your thoughts right now tells me that your time with these ogres has brought out more of your violent nature. How long before you revert back to your former ways?”

The rock giant’s eyes widened in alarm at that question and he blinked, giving the idea some worried thought. After a moment he grunted and looked at Alfred pleadingly. “It’s not like that.”

The tall and slender gnome warrior gazed back at him thoughtfully. Alfred had traveled up into the mountains with the Academy Army and had been on the front lines during the battle. His wounds had been healed, but evidence of the fight remained. The sleeve of his chainmail shirt had been badly torn and hung from his long arm in tatters as he placed a hand on the giant’s shoulder.

“I know it’s not,” Alfred said. “And I understand why you want to stay here. I would prefer to have you back at the Mage School with me, but I understand.”

“You understand?” said Beehn, surprised at his bonding wizard’s reply. “But you’ve been just as concerned as I have.”

“That was before I saw him up here with the ogres. I see now that this is different. The Charz that had to be imprisoned was wild; a danger to everyone. Among these ogres, he is an accepted part of a community. A brutish community to be sure, but he is comfortable here. At the Mage School, he is always on edge.”

Charz grunted irritably. “I don’t know about all that. The Mage School isn’t all that bad. Ogres are just more fun to be around than stuffy wizards. Besides, it’s not like I want to stay up here permanent. I’m just not ready to go back yet. That’s all.”

He just likes the women’s caves, Squirrel suggested.

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