Mother of the Moonrat release is today!!!

Yes, you read the title right. It is 1:28 AM Mountain time and I have just submitted Mother of the Moonrat to Amazon. It will be available on Kindle in the US sometime within the next 12 hours and everywhere else in the world sometime within the next 48 hours. (Edit: It’s up now everywhere! That was fast!)

MOTM-ebook alternate 2mgb

Amazon US

Amazon DE

Amazon UK

This is a huge moment for me. I started writing the first book twelve years ago. I have been waiting to tell people how it ends ever since. At times it felt like I would never get there. But here we are. As soon as Amazon finishes their processing, the book is yours!

I am so excited to hear your thoughts! Please let me know in the comments when you get the book and you can leave spoiler free comments as you read the book. Otherwise, if you want to discuss specific plot points, use the contact link at the top of the page and tell me what you think or message me on the Facebook Page. Also please leave a review on Amazon. Reviews drive sales!

I am so excited, folks!

I’ll update you when the hardcover is available!

Trevor H. Cooley

P.S. Amazon will be exclusive for the first three months and then it will be available on Goodreads, Nook, Kobo, and Itunes.

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18 Responses to Mother of the Moonrat release is today!!!

  1. shaun says:

    Just finished it! You’ve outdone yourself again! Loved every bit of it even when chapters jump around or the imp confuses things. 😉 I hope these characters continue to appear in more series…and soon. I’ll buy them all. Thanks for sharing this incredible adventure with us.

  2. Matthew says:

    Just finished it. Liked it as a whole, but Justan’s story just seems so….unfinished. I realize you didn’t want to make him too powerful this early in the game if you wanted to use him for future books, but his whole handicap with the scralag seemed rather disappointing.

  3. Gabriel R. Ross says:

    just bought it!!!!!!!

  4. Shaun says:

    I’m calling in sick! Hehehe. So exciting. Going to Amazon and refreshing their page until it appears. THANKS!!

  5. Mike says:

    Just messaging to let you know that this book is not tied in to your author page on I looked there and it is not there with your other books, but is avalible when I look it up. you might want to fix this as there is no point in loseing possible sales over it. Anyways cheers for the great book

  6. Christoph says:

    Just got in in Germany on

    So it seems to be available everywhere quite fast 🙂

  7. David D says:

    Yes! You’ve just made my week. Maybe I should book the rest of the day off work now, hmmm 🙂

  8. Ben Smith says:

    Today is now the best day ever! Thank you! I’m so excited to read it!!!

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