Mother of the Moonrat release is close

I finished writing and all major editing on the book Saturday!

All that’s left is my last read through. I hope to do it in a couple days and put it on Amazon right away.

Stay tuned to this site and Twitter and Facebook for more details. You will be the first to know when it’s available.

This week, folks!  THIS WEEK!

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11 Responses to Mother of the Moonrat release is close

  1. Adele says:

    I personally think this series is the next best thing after Harry Potter! Can’t wait to read this latest release; been refreshing this page every hour 🙂

  2. mike s. says:

    Weird Not Wired……..Damn Phone.

  3. mike s. says:

    Is It Wired That I Am Phsyco Refreshing This SiteTo Find Out Immediately When It Is available

    • Not weird at all. I can tell you that I am in the last third of my final read through. My wife is over half way through hers. I hope to submit it tonight. I’ll post here the moment I do. Then it’s up to Amazon

  4. Isis Farinas says:

    I am so excited to read Mother of the Moorats! Cannot wait!!

  5. David D says:

    Nice! Cannot wait 🙂

  6. Ben Smith says:

    We just finished reading the war of stardon to keep our minds fresh. I CANT WAIT TO READ IT!!! This is going to be awesome!!!

  7. Shaun Zimmerman says:

    Ah-haaaa (angelic choir singing)

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