Interview Part two

This is part two if the interview I did with Jonathan Williams in preparation for the release of Mother of the Moonrat. We talk about the different characters in the series and what to expect in book five.

Part one can be found Here

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3 Responses to Interview Part two

  1. Shaun Zimmerman says:

    Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to reply. We’ve already bought our Universal Decks, and looking forward to the game. Hope it catches on. Also glad to hear that there is a part 3 of the interview. 🙂

  2. Shaun says:

    That seemed like an abrupt end, but ok. I’d love to know more about the game. I enjoyed this interview greatly. You clarified the pronunciation of some of the character names and after five books, it’s going to be hard for me to correct the names in my head. Ha! Kind of wish you would make another short recording where you would just go through each of the characters and how they are properly pronounced. So glad and grateful to hear that surviving characters are going to be explored further, even those that we think are dead and may not be. Keep up the great work!

    • Shaun,
      I’m glad you liked it. There is a part 3 to the interview that will be posted later today.

      The Bowl of Souls Game is a role playing game where you can create a character using the races and archetypes found in the books. Instead of using dice to determine damage or skill checks, we use the universal card deck spoken of in the books. It is a lot of fun and is currently playable, but we are still in development. I will post more here soon as we get closer to a release date.

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