Messenger of the Dark Prophet Now Available on Audiobook

Hey folks!

Good news! Messenger of the Dark Prophet is finally available in Audiobook format. It is out on Audible now and will appear on Amazon and Itunes in the next few days. James Foster once again provides the narration. Get your copy now and let us know what you think!

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I know that most of you are wondering where The Ogre Apprentice is. Please believe me, I’m as tired of handing out excuses as you are of hearing them. I will keep you informed as soon as I know exactly when it will be available. I am working on it.  It’s not far away. I promise.


Trevor H. Cooley

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11 Responses to Messenger of the Dark Prophet Now Available on Audiobook

  1. Aaron says:

    Update *picture Gollum asking*

    • Not a specific date yet, but I will say that if I didn’t have it done by the end of the month, my wife/editor would kill me. I am writing the last few chapters of the book right now.

  2. Josh P. says:

    Just came finished “Eye of the Moonrat” on audible and absolutely enjoyed it. Currently listening to “Messenger of the Dark Prophet”. I noticed on your website that you list a future book “The Ogre Apprentice: The Jahrro Grove Saga Book 3”. I really enjoy your books but due to a medical issue can’t do much physical reading. Is there a way to request that Audible carry more of your books? I know that I can submit content request to audible via email which I did for the 8 books of the “Bow of a Souls Series” but when I checked on Amazon website to turn in the information they need for a content request, I did not any of the “Jarro Grove Saga” books listed. Could you please tell me how I could request that audible carry those books? Also can you tell me if any of your other series are related to the “Bowl of Souls Series” and the “Jarro Grove Saga”? I would like to look into your other books also but for now im completely enthralled with your “Bowl of Souls Series”. I really enjoy your writing style. The books are exciting and filled with action and battle while not holding back from fighting they are not overly gruesome and they don’t get into the whole warrior becoming disillusioned with fighting that so many other authors seem to do. I like the fact that your characters seem to know that war is a necessary evil and while they don’t love killing they also don’t become brooding disillusioned fighters. I hope you keep writing such fun fantasy books that are just deep enough to show a well thought and fleshed out world without me having to read hundreds of pages of made up histories. Your books remind me in me of the “Prince Roger Series” by John Ringo & David Weber just with less gore and swearing. I’m really glad about this as along my with my own enjoyment I can listen to your books along with my teenage nephews who also really enjoy them. Please keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your fun and exciting stories with us. If you could get audible to carry more of your books or tell us how to request them ourselves I would really appreciate any information. Thanks again.

    • Wow. Thanks, Josh! I am so glad you are enjoying the audiobooks. It means a lot to me that you are having so much fun with it.

      I’ll try to answer all your questions.
      1. The Bowl of Souls series consists of two Sagas. Book 1-5 is the Moonrat Saga and Books 6- current are the Jharro Grove saga. All the books take place in the same world.
      2. The reason that only the first two books are available in audio format at this time is that I just started putting them into the format last fall. I would love for Audible to help things move along faster by supplementing the process, but in order for that to happen, I would need to sell a lot more copies. So far, sales of the first two books have been fairly slow.
      I am not sure when the third book will be available. I need to come to an agreement with the narrator in order to get that done.

  3. Bob says:

    You asked for some comments on the audiobooks. I started the series based on Goodreads but had a long trip to make by car over the weekend and decided to download the first two books from Audible. The narration isn’t bad although it feels more read than voice acted (For a difference check out anything that Luke Daniel has done). Doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a fun series, thus far and even though the book is read the voice actor does a fair job and I even learned how to pronounce Lennui name as I wasn’t sure how different it would really be from Lenny.

    • Thanks for the input, Bob. I am glad you enjoy the books and I agree with you. James’ style isn’t so much acting out the parts like some narrators. He compares his style to be more like Scott Brick, James Marsters, Bronson Pinchot, and George Guidall.

  4. Giovanni Duca says:

    I’d kill for an update man.

    • Giovanni,
      That shouldn’t be neccesary, though I do have a list of folks who need it, if you’re asking. (Kidding)

      I can’t give a firm date, but I have worked out a few of the plot points that were holding me back. I am working hard on it. Barring another disaster, it should be finished in the next few weeks.

  5. Brian son of Andy says:

    Are we going to be introduced to some new strongholds, keeps, and/or castles. I am trying to keep all of my village names in realm of empires Trevor Cooley related and I am running out of them.

    Also, on a separate note would you answer a submitted Q & A. Just fun questions like; how involved is your wife in the writing process, what character most resembles you, and has a change of scenery and life experiences ever factored into scenes of your books?

    Brian son of Andy

    • Brian,

      In this upcoming book, we are introduced to some cities in Malaroo. If you are looking for more ideas, check out the encyclopedia on this site and the interactive map as well as the Tarah Woodblade map.

      As for a Q and A, I am always open to this. Please feel free to submit questions here or using the contact page on this site. I also am open to taking questions on Goodreads. You can submit them on my author page there.

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