The Ogre Apprentice available now on Amazon!

It’s official!



Get you one!

It is already #1600 overall in the Kindle Store And Amazon has been having problems with their image processing so the cover doesn’t  show on the product page!

It is there on the copy you purchase, though, and they assure me that the issue will be fixed.

Please read it and leave a review. I need all I can get.

Also. share!

Now I’m off to see my kids for the first time in a few days


Trevor H. Cooley

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20 Responses to The Ogre Apprentice available now on Amazon!

  1. Rob says:

    New reader to your books just finished book one. Firsth thing I loved. You wrote real fantasy. People were real but not all pit vipers or deeply depressed ala George RR Martin or Brent weeks. Two I have been reading fantasy since I was a child and I am not a child now. Military school and then the marines under my belt and 5&1/2 years for philosophy and psychology degree. Fantasy is my favorite fun read bar none. Thats what you wrote, real enjoyable swords and magic fantasy. 3rd, I enjoyed being in the heads of the characters. And do not get me wrong I have read and liked Game if thrones stuff when hbo was a local rumor. He lives near me in the southwest. But recently so many gen X,Y or millenials want gritty and relativism. There is a difference between realism and dark tone with just appeasing those who haven’t done much in real life. I know as a marine in a combat specialty, it is not the painful blisters and dumb pigs a la abercrombie, or the unrelenting darkness a la Brent Weeks that keep soldiers interested. It certainy dies not keeo me coming back as a reader. I want to read fantasy and enjoy the discovery of some new people some of which I would like to like, and/or identify with. Then I want to be taken on a journey that makes me feel so I care about the world building and new twists on familiar tropes. You have no idea how happy I was to find your book trilogy! It is well crafted I enjoy fist and yustin and all the other characters. You write shifting first person as if each is a friend you have a nice grasp of human nature so I care for even periphery folks. On top of that I love a number of your workd building details that are new. So you rock! I will promote you on twitter.
    I mentioned those other authors because you are filling an area of fantasy that has felt abandoned to me. And that is the true adventure and growth story inside an epic fantasy plot. I care and so I pay attention and since you write with great readability I enjoy. I have read ir listened to a ton if scifi/fantasy so perhaps it is just me that was so thirsty for your kind of book. But I do not think so as i have heard from others that do not like the pretentious streak in the writing community that is trying to be literary and “deep” and what they are being is pretentious, boring and missing the gal dern point! 😉 I am tired of the ant tolkien back lash or people like GRRM acting superior to true fantasy and not historical fiction with some magic thrown in. You write a great villain and your heroes have dimension, flaws and growth. They have core essences you can enjoy. As for your epic story, I am really enjoying it ! It seems like you did this all as an unsigned writer, Bravo! If your numbers keep looking good i bet you will get offers. But if not then keep all that money! I am not here to review you though i nearly did. I just want you to know that there are smart people from 15 to 75 that just want to enjoy a meaningingful fun story and enjoy being some different people in the process. You are doin that as of wnd of book one last but not least your voice actor is terrific a true keeper. I am helping my mom pass and raking care of sine health things but I want to write both non fiction and fiction fir publication at some point. I would be very proud to do as well as you have in your story telling. Congratulations!!!

    • Rob says:

      Wow sorry for my typing errors!

    • Rob,

      Wow. Thanks so much. What a series of huge compliments. I agree with much of what you said. There is a strong current trend in fantasy and in our popular media that says a good tale has to be grim and serious and that there is no such thing as a good guy or bad guy.

      I read to be entertained and to get away from the seriousness and stress of regular life. Why be grim?

      Thanks for taking the time to write such a long post and I hope I can keep you as a reader for a long time.


      • Rob says:

        I am sure you will. Already on book two! Much success and know I meant all that I said. I am glad you, like me,feel the similarly about fantasy. :-). I suspect if you want to be signed you will. Just keeping being you as the writer you like. Oh and I forgot to say I love Lenny too!

        • Awesome. I love Lenny too. As far as finding a publisher, I am just waiting to see if they come to me. If they had a good enough deal for me I might accept it.

          • Rob says:

            It is only matter of time in my humble opinion but a couple of writers that I think you are at least as good as got publishers the way you are doing things. And I have read some authors ehise stories i enjoyed on Kindle that do well as an indy writer that do not write as well as you do now. And the fact that you use classic fantasy tropes at this point coulld be a plus as I think more and more feed back is getting tired of the new weird and grim is the rule glut. I am not kissing up. I really believe that. I am even going to study the book form of your writing because i like how you can easily switch from good detailed description at one moment where it is apropriate and then seemless switch to much more succinct descriptive style were it is not needed and bogs down the flow. Between your natural writing style and the popularity I think the merits of your writing will pull them in. But as an indy author I hope you have some social media promotion. I hate that right now I am about to deal with a parent passing and surgery as I believe in your story telling and would love to push your story in a more organized form. But I will get the word out to my fellow reading buddies who tend to ask me as I am a voracious reader and listener in recent years. Maybe there is way I can email if you are interested in some free help. I plan to be an indy story teller myself after my above family medical stuff resolves. And it has an unfortunate but definite fine line.

          • Thanks so much Rob. Again, huge compliments. If you would like to contact me, just use the contact form on the site. That goes straight to my email.

  2. Ashley says:

    So loved it!! My husband is reading the Hunt of the Bandham right now. I am itching to tell him everything, but I will resist… Can’t wait for the next one! I even left an Amazon review, whic is something I never do.

  3. Timmo says:

    Read it in one go. A great book, fitting in well into the series. Keep up the good work and don’t rush the next books. I have deep respect for writing this many books in quite a short amount of time and keeping up the quality of the writing. I look forward to all books you plan to puplish in the future.

    Greetings from Germany!

    Do you have plans to bring the series to paper sometime in the future?

    • Timmo. Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. And yes, the books are all available in Paperback right now on Amazon except for the newest book, which will be available later this week.

  4. Michael says:

    Loved the book! Can’t wait for the next one!

  5. King says:

    Did not take long at all! Time to devour it all before I sleep.

  6. Corey says:

    Just starting it tonight, thanks for all the hard work to get this one published!

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