Slight cover change to Mother of the Moonrat

Hey folks. Slight change to the cover. There were some concerns that Mellinda was a bit too risque in the original version. I didn’t want to give the wrong impression to readers or perhaps parents of younger readers. So I asked the lovely and talented Renu to provide a slightly different version, one where Mellinda looked more unformed. I think it works. It gives the impression that she is building the body as she looks at the observer approaching. What do you think?

MOTM-ebook alternate 2mgb


Oh, and perhaps on a more important note, the book will be done soon. Would you be disappointing with a late September release instead of October??

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5 Responses to Slight cover change to Mother of the Moonrat

  1. bludvein says:

    Its a little annoying because the mother is supposed to be seductive or whatever, but I agree that its probably for the best. I think you sort of underestimate the general age of your readers. Its mostly young teens that aren’t gonna go “boobies!” over a silhouette. It might give them the wrong idea of what type of book it is though.

    • I agree. I was annoyed at first too. But in the long run, the cover is just supposed to draw attention and if this does it just as well without offending, then it’s for the best.

      it’s whats between the covers that counts, right?

      Wait, now THAT could be misinterpreted too.

      • shaun says:

        LOL, it sure could be and if any group is going to go ‘boobies’ over a cover, it is the teens. Pfft. It’s the overly uptight parents that you must pander to. Oh well, it’s done, it’s awesome and I’m reading it!

  2. Shaun Zimmerman says:

    I think people are overly sensitive, but I wouldn’t want you to lose a single sale because someone thought the cover somehow inappropriate. Glad I downloaded the first version, feels like I have a collectible item now. 🙂 For when you’re rich and famous and the movie gets released. Please do whatever it takes to expedite the release of the book. With each blog post notification I receive I hope it is the one announcing the release. My Amazon account is standing by ready to send you some money. Can’t wait! Thanks again and the cover still looks great.

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