Noose Jumpers Sale This Weekend!

Howdy folks!

From now through end of day August 28th, get Noose Jumpers on Kindle for just .99!

This title has gone underappreciated. Most of my readers have chosen not to try it. Yes, it is not Bowl of Souls related, but if you have come to trust my writing through my other books please give it a chance. Even if you wouldn’t normally read a western.

This is no normal western. I have heard it described as American Gods in the Old West. It is about three young men with mysterious spectral backers, each one with their own unique power. Please give it a try!

If you want an audiobook version, I have codes available.


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2 Responses to Noose Jumpers Sale This Weekend!

  1. As a reader who doesn’t normally read westerns but is a fan of the Bowl of Souls, I did give this book a try a while ago and I enjoyed it! I just wanted to put that out there for any other readers who might be unsure. I also reviewed it on Amazon and mentioned this.

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