Hilt’s Pride Audiobook is Available!

It’s here! Hilt’s Pride is probably my favorite thing I have written and It makes me so happy to have it in aidiobook format. Andrew Tell does a fantastic job bringing Hilt and Beth’s journey to life and I am excited to share it with you. Check it out!

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It will also be on Amazon and Itunes soon!

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2 Responses to Hilt’s Pride Audiobook is Available!

  1. Bondsmage4Life says:

    Loving the audible series! I have all of the books on Kindle, but would love the audio books to catch up. Do you have an idea on the time frame for the next full audio book? By the way, congrats on making everything happen yourself. Its rare for an author to self publish and succeed. -raises a glass-

    • Thanks so much! The War of Stardeon will be available in September. I’m not sure the exact date yet, but Andrew should finish narration towards the end of August and then we’ll just be waiting for Audible’s process time.

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