Audible issues

Howdy folks!

For some reason, there is an issue going on with Audible right now. You can’t find my books through a search on their site. My name pulls up nothing as does Bowl of Souls. I have contacted them about it and they say they are looking into it.

The audiobooks are still there and available, however. Here are direct links to the books in case any of you are trying to find them.

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18 Responses to Audible issues

  1. Ivan says:

    I have to say I was skeptical at first. I work overnights and listen to audiobooks to keep my mind entertained while my hands move and old favorites were my go to. This series however has snatched me up enough that I have not only gone through the series 3 times in the last 2 weeks but I have also begun creating a bonding wizard and rogue horse build for my other favorite nerdy form of entertainment. In doing so have firmly wedged 2 other friends in the world of the bowl and am avidly working on several more. IMMENSELY looking forward to ogre apprentice on audible so I can add it to the endless loop of study that has become more than a diversion. Thank you from a newly enthralled fan.

    • Thank you so much, Ivan! Ogre Apprentice is being narrated right now. We hope to have it finished in the next week or so and then we’ll just be waiting on Audible’s processing.

    • Is it D&D? Do you have a favorite character?

      • Ivan says:

        Indeed it is, as far as bonded go gwyrtha, fist, and squirrel are probably the most fun for me and truth be told overall I’d be hard-pressed to choose but I think Lenny, Fist, and Gwyrtha are neck and neck for favorite all around. The changeover is interesting with the bonding wizard but I think once I’ve finished creating a table of mixable creatures the rogue horse will be the most fun. Now if I can just talk my GM into letting me build the weapons 😉

        • Awesome. My friends and I were working on a Bowl of Souls RPG that used cards like in the books instead of dice to determine damage and skill checks, but since I’ve moved away things have slowed down. We have a working game that was in the playtesting phase, but haven’t done anything with it in a year or so. There would be a lot of start-up capital involved to get something like that made so we would need my books to develop a much bigger following before we could finish it.

          • Ivan says:

            Rest assured that your “pack” is growing and we are all talking about your books to everyone who will listen. I can’t speak for everyone, but I would be interested in seeing a bowl of souls rpg. Just try not to get too overwhelmed with everything and hang in there. As much as it would be nice to have it all now now now it would be even greater a loss if it stopped all together. I wish you the best of luck and am rooting for you in all endeavors.

  2. Sean Wersch says:

    Trevor, keep up the excellent stories. I found them on and was immediately hooked. Both me and my son, Joseph, are enjoying them greatly. I’ll do my best to get the word out. Every Squiral deserves a Fist of nuts every now and then.

    Thanks, Sean

  3. Greg says:

    So I’m really enjoying these books, I think you’ve created an amazing world that will be the foundation for some amazing stories. I’m currently reading, The Ogre Apprentice and I’m really entertained, even enthralled. I must say though I enjoy the audio books so much more since the narrator brings some life to the stories that I greatly enjoy. So I must ask; when in the stinking turd buckets will The Ogre be released in audio book? Please continue to write, you’ve a gift that you need to continue to share.

  4. Wendi Tate says:

    Oh my God, Trevor! I am so caught up in the Bowl of Souls audio books! I love the world that you have created and your character development is incredible! Every other series pales in comparison and I mourn each time I finish a new book until the next one comes out. Don’t keep me waiting for #8 too long. I listened to 7 in one sitting.

  5. Melissa Fusaro says:

    Is Protector of the Grove available on Audible yet.

  6. Bob says:

    I was able to locate the book by clicking on series from another book. Have been enjoying the audio version immensely.

  7. Kels Long says:

    Hi Trevor. I just wanted to let you know that I was able to locate “The War of Stardeon” on Audible without issues last night. Maybe just got lucky?

    FYI – My son is really into the series (currently on audio version of “Messenger of the Dark Prophet”) and is telling all his friends at school how your books are the coolest he’s ever read/heard.

    I myself just started “Protector of the Grove” a few days ago… Loving it.

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