Audible Hurricane Harvey 3 Months Free for Houston

Howdy folks!

I received this message from Audible this morning. They are doing something great for the Houston area readers and they didn’t have to do that. It’s not direct money, but all of you know how much a good book can help when you are going through a life tragedy. IT makes me proud to be partnering with such a company.

My colleagues at Audible, ACX, and I watched the terrible news about Hurricane Harvey with the same sense of “What can we do to help?” that so many others had. We’ve noted publishers making books available to schools, libraries and shelters in the area and applaud their efforts. We wanted you to know that we’ve contacted the tens of thousands of Audible members in the greater Houston area to let them know their memberships are on Audible for the next three months and that they won’t be billed during this time. Our hope is that this makes life a little bit easier for our customers who are impacted by Harvey. We did something similar after Hurricane Katrina and try to extend the same spirit of “do the right thing” in working with school kids in Newark (more on that soon).
While we won’t be billing our Houston-area members for their audio over the next three months, we will continue to pay you your royalties on their selections. We’ve already gotten a few notes from members in Houston who are grateful for our offer. Let’s hope that listening to some high quality audio may brighten a bleak situation for some people.

If you know anyone in the Houston area, let them know that this is happening. In addition, I will be happy to send a free audible copy of any of my books to anyone affected by this disaster. Thanks,


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  1. G. says:

    This is a joke. First they put a hold on my account. I contacted customer service, and they took the hold off. Then they charged me for September. They aren’t giving away squat, trust me.

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