A Quick Update: Noose Jumpers, Bowl of Souls, and Audiobooks

Howdy folks! Things have been crazy the last few weeks I have been working hard, pulling all-nighters in order to finally get Noose Jumpers finished. We are in the editing stage right now. I got a few tweaks to make, however we are really close. Like this weekend close. So keep an eye out here or on my Facebook Or Twitter pages so that you can know the minute Noose Jumpers is released.

Next, I’m going full steam on the Jharro Grove, book five. This one main focus is on Fist and the battle in the mountains. I’m not quite ready to announce the title yet because my wife/editor and I are debating some options. What do you think? I like “The Ogre Mage” (Because of Fist’s growth with his powers) but she feels that could be confusing since we already have “The Ogre Apprentice.” I am also tossing around the title, “The Black Lake”. Not quite sure about that one. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Also, there is something else I would like to address regarding the Bowl of Souls. I have received several messages from people concerned that with this next book being book ten and with me starting this new Noose Jumpers series, that the Bowl of Souls series and the world that inhabits it will be coming to an end. Heck, maybe some of you are hoping it will finally be over. Well, I can promise you that this is not the end. There will be six books altogether in the Jharro Grove Saga (So one more concluding volume after this next one.) I also have plans for two more Sagas in the series. After all, there is the Dark Prophet himself to contend with as well as that mysterious 4th prophet that John alluded to in Ogre Apprentice. Even then I don’t know that it will be over. Though characters may live and die, the world will not. I have been living and breathing the world of the Bowl of Souls since I was a teenager. I have a feeling that as long as I am still breathing and writing there will never truly be a LAST Bowl of Souls book.

In audiobook news, Andrew Tell has started narration on the Troll King. We hope to release it on Audible and Itunes by the end of this month or early August at the latest. Then he will start on Noose Jumpers with a release some time this fall.

Thank you so much, everyone, for you patience. I will update later this week when I have uploaded the finished Noose Jumpers novel to Amazon.




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16 Responses to A Quick Update: Noose Jumpers, Bowl of Souls, and Audiobooks

  1. Druss says:

    I think Ogre something is fine as it makes it easier to pick out the Fist books.
    Though maybe ogre journeyman\ master would be better follow ups to apprentice.

  2. Marco says:

    Mr. Cooley, I have loved your series so far and I would like to point out a few things from my point of view of a reader. This series has interested me for a couple of years now and I have loved the character development of Justan and Deathclaw more than the others. I think I stand with many people in that Justan is one of the favorite characters of your readers, and that we were disappointed that Justan wasn’t written about as much as we have wished. The reason your first 5 books were so amazing was that they focused on one character and that he was extremely likeable as well. When I read the 6th book, I had a bit of trouble reading through it because in my mind, Tarah is self-centered and not as likeable as Justan was. I had hoped that although she was kind of a main character, you would still focus on Justan’s development as a Jharro Wielder and his connection with Artemus. Unfortunately, Tarah took up a big chunk of the last couple books and to be frank, her part, although interesting, was sullied by the fact that she causes me to cringe with sayings in the 3rd person such as “Tarah Woodblade doesn’t get scared.” I am not suggesting anything as you are the more experienced writer and have a plan for the series, but again, I hope that Justan and his bonded have a bigger part of the story like in the first 5 books. Regardless of what happens, I will still read the series as I have become addicted to this fantasy world that you have created. Best of luck in your future stories and know that I will be along for the ride! 🙂

    • Marco, Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. I understand where you are coming from. Justan is your favorite character and you wish more time was spent on him in this series. When I read the Wheel of time, my favorite was Perrin and I was often frustrated when I would read a whole book and he didn’t show up.

      When writing the Jharro Grove saga I had a lot of ideas I wanted to present and the storyline was broad and far-reaching. I knew that people wanted Justan to continue to grow. Some were complaining that he used his bonded too much (Odd for a Bonding Wizard? That’s his main power,) or that he didn’t have use of his offensive magic (Every hero needs limits). It’s difficult for me as a writer because I have a long term view of the series and where it is heading. I have two more sagas to go after this one. I suppose all I can ask for is patience at this point. Justan is twenty one at this stage of the books. Does anyone fulfill their potential by that age?

      At any rate I had always envisioned the Jharro Grove Saga as more of a series with multiple points of view. Fist, Tarah, and Justan share the series pretty much equally with most of the books having two main character arcs.

      1. Tarah
      ‘2 Justan and Tarah
      3. Fist and Justan
      4 Fist and Tarah
      5 Fist and Justan
      6 Justan and Tarah

      I hope that explains my thinking, though I realize that this may not be the way you wanted it. Thank you for your support,


      • Marco says:

        Thank you for replying! I don’t mind that much as I do understand that you have a plan for this series and for future sagas as well. I will continue reading your series pretty much regardless of what happens anyway, as you are an amazing writer. Keep up the great work!

  3. Angie says:

    I like the title, “The Black Lake” but honestly you could name the book anything and I would still read it 🙂

  4. Bob says:

    With the exception of the first book in the series and it could even be argued there, all of the books have alluded to a character. While this story may be about the battle in the mountain and these undead. I imagine that there is something there with the dead prophet or a part of the storyline that is an expansion on other characters. For example we saw much more in the development of Squirrel the Ogre Apprentice and we learned a lot more about the history of the trolls and a whole new race in the Troll King. Is there something along these lines to add to the story? One problem I see with Ogre Mage, is that other than adding a Rouge Horse to Fist collection, it doesn’t really promote him from Apprentice to Mage in one go other than adding power. It is one issue I have with how we haven’t seen Justan expand on his Mage training. That always seemed to be a disappointment to me as he grew to see the value in his Mage abilities and the pointer at the beginning of the series in his intelligence, we see him desire to be more brawns than brain. Anyway, my recommendation is to stay with a title that exploits illumination of a character that is being developed.

    • Bob,

      That is a great point. It is part of the debate. In ogre culture, Fist is already considered an Ogre Mage. With that title I was thinking for along the lines of the way he is becoming a leader among his old community. I agree that there are holes in that concept.

      As for Justan and his desire to be more brawn than brains, I think that goes back to the beginning. Being a warrior was always his strongest desire. He takes his intelligence for granted much of the time because his focus is elsewhere. Being a Bonding Wizard is a mental power. Everything he does within the bond, healing complex woulds, transferring power, even creating a set of lips for Deathclaw, that takes a ton of intelligence. His elemental talents are being hampered by his bond with the Scralag inside him. At this point he sees no reason to fight that. After all, there is the chance that fixing that block will kill the elemental.

      All I can ask is that you stick with me. I have a direction I am going with this, and like I have told some other readersm he is only 21 he has very much to learn.


  5. Ken Morris says:

    I have no problem with The Ogre Mage as that alludes to him becoming more than just an apprentice. Heck, if Raymond Feist can get away it (Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master) then why not you 🙂

  6. I really like “the Black Lake”.

  7. jane e CAMPBELL says:

    As a title how about ‘the mages battle’ or just ‘battle in the mountains ‘ or finally ‘ Battle Mountain’ .
    I like the last one best. X

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